The Best Dental Replacement Options For Missing Canine Teeth

Canine teeth are the sharp, pointed teeth near the front of the mouth. The canines are strong teeth that play an important role in grabbing and holding food during the chewing process. Loss of one or both canines due to trauma or decay can greatly impact your ability to comfortably eat. Dental replacement options are available, but it's important to discuss with your dentist which options will offer the strongest replacement for the canines. [Read More]

Cracked Your Tooth? Four Treatment Options To Expect

Did you know that you don't have to extract your teeth if you have cracked it? There are various treatment techniques that your dentist can apply to save your natural teeth. Such treatments include: Filing Filing only works if the crack is very small and doesn't reach deep into your tooth. The dentist uses a dental file to smooth down the jagged edges of the crack. Although many people consider it a cosmetic procedure, it also helps to prevent your teeth irritating your tongue or lips. [Read More]

Bleeding Gums Aren't Always Due To Periodontal Disease

While bleeding gums often are a sign of periodontal disease, medical issues other than your dental health could be causing the problem. Bleeding gums aren't pleasant, regardless of the root cause. See your dentist first to rule out possible dental causes. If a dentist at a clinic like Hillcrest Dental Centre determines that an underlying medical condition may be causing your gums to bleed, you need to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. [Read More]

3 Dental Techniques To Restore Damaged Or Missing Teeth

A beautiful smile is something that most people want, but healthy teeth are also important for chewing, preserving the health of the bone in your jaw, and creating the shape of your face by supporting the skin around your mouth, nose, and lower cheeks. A number of things can lead to missing or damaged teeth, such as injury, soft enamel that is prone to decay, gum disease, age, or a number of other factors. [Read More]