Bleeding Gums Aren't Always Due To Periodontal Disease

While bleeding gums often are a sign of periodontal disease, medical issues other than your dental health could be causing the problem. Bleeding gums aren't pleasant, regardless of the root cause. See your dentist first to rule out possible dental causes. If a dentist at a clinic like Hillcrest Dental Centre determines that an underlying medical condition may be causing your gums to bleed, you need to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

3 Dental Techniques To Restore Damaged Or Missing Teeth

A beautiful smile is something that most people want, but healthy teeth are also important for chewing, preserving the health of the bone in your jaw, and creating the shape of your face by supporting the skin around your mouth, nose, and lower cheeks. A number of things can lead to missing or damaged teeth, such as injury, soft enamel that is prone to decay, gum disease, age, or a number of other factors.

Repairing Your Damaged Smile: Exploring Your Options

Are you embarrassed by the way your smile looks? Are your teeth badly discolored, poorly spaced, or beginning to decay? If so, you should know that there really is no reason for you to live without a smile that you can be proud of. This is because with so many advancements in modern dentistry over the past decade, your dentist is now able to offer you several different ways to restore the look of your smile, no matter how badly damaged your teeth may be.

The Care You Need With The Peace Of Mind You Deserve - Tips For Decreasing Dental Anxiety

Getting through life with comfort and self confidence is very important, and some health concerns can make that very difficult. Your dental health can be an especially important component of feeling confident and feeling healthy, and if it's failing, you should do all you can to make sure you receive the treatment you need most. Unfortunately, in many cases, fear gets the better of those who most need help. Dental anxiety is one of the most common fears in the world, and if you suffer from it, you should seek solutions rather than be defeated by it.

Do Your Dentures Slip And Slide? You Should Consider Implants To Hold Them In Place

If you're tired of denture problems like slipping when you eat or whistling when you speak, you may want to look into getting dental implants. There are several different types of dental implants, each with a different purpose. In the case of a denture-wearer, you can get full-mouth implants that hold your dentures securely in place, so they are more like your natural teeth. That doesn't mean you need an implant for each tooth; you only need a few that are strategically placed so they hold your dentures securely.

3 Best Methods To Keep Your Invisalign Retainers Clean

These days, many orthodontists give their patients Invisalign retainers as a way of keeping teeth straight after having braces removed. Generally, Invisalign retainers should be worn each night and washed thoroughly before and after each use; this will keep them from developing bacteria buildup while also keeping them looking clean and clear. Without the proper care, these retainers can turn yellow in color, and bacteria buildup may make the person wearing them more prone to developing gum disease.