Don't Fear The Dentist — Fear Poor Dental Health!

Curing various phobias is smart for living a more fulfilling life; unfortunately, some fears can prevent you from seeking proper care for various health conditions. Recent studies have shown that 35 percent of Canadians do not visit the dentist regularly and 15 percent of these individuals skip the visits due to odontophobia, or anxiety and fear of the dentist. While having a fear of the dentist may seem normal, skipping cleanings and exams should induce more fear due to the possibility of severe oral damage. Using this guide on easing your odontophobia, you and your dentist can improve your oral health.

Relaxation Techniques

Odontophobia physically affects you, but it begins as an emotional fear. While the cause of these emotions may be unknown, relaxing your mind can relax the physical symptoms of your fear. This will ease your dental fear and allow you to seek professional care. Here are a few relaxation techniques to practice for treating your odontophobia:

  • Breathing Exercises – Flooding your body with oxygen will relax your central nervous system, easing your mind and any physical tension you are feeling. Breathe in and out, holding your breath for 10 second before releasing. Repeat multiple times to ease your stress.
  • Distraction Exercises – Using a few items during your dental visit can distract your mind and ease your fear. Consider wearing headphones to listen to music or audio books while a dentist, like The Dental Office Fairview Mall, is inspecting and cleaning your teeth. Also, imagining yourself in a different location can also distract your mind from your dental fear. Close your eyes and visit a favorite destination, such as the beach or a mountain cabin.

Use Air Abrasion

Many dental tools and equipment produce loud sounds, which may be inducing your odontophoba. If your fear of the dentist revolves around various tools and the noises they produce, ask your dentist if air abrasion is an option for your specific needs. Utilizing a high-powered spray of air, an aluminum oxide powder is released onto the surface of your teeth. This spray is quiet and painless, which enables your dentist to treat many issues with your smile. Air abrasion is an excellent option for removing tooth stains and treating decay and gum disease. If air abrasion isn't an option for your checkup or procedure, ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. You can be partially or completely sedated, so that you won't have to hear anxiety-triggering noises.

Odontophobia is a common fear, but you can stop it from affecting your health. With these tips and the help of your dentist, you can ease your fear and enjoy a healthy, appealing smile.