3 Natural Teeth Whiteners You Can Find Right In Your Kitchen

If you are looking for some natural ways to whiten your teeth to avoid bleach, chances are you already have what you need in your kitchen pantry. While they are not as effective as the bleaching treatments at the dentist, they are an ideal option to use in between treatments to keep your smile bright.  Baking Soda and Peroxide Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda have been a staple for teeth whitening years before teeth bleaching became the norm. [Read More]

Don't Fear The Dentist — Fear Poor Dental Health!

Curing various phobias is smart for living a more fulfilling life; unfortunately, some fears can prevent you from seeking proper care for various health conditions. Recent studies have shown that 35 percent of Canadians do not visit the dentist regularly and 15 percent of these individuals skip the visits due to odontophobia, or anxiety and fear of the dentist. While having a fear of the dentist may seem normal, skipping cleanings and exams should induce more fear due to the possibility of severe oral damage. [Read More]

4 Types Of Orthodontic Treatments For Adults

Orthodontic treatment is often done when people are in their early teens, where it is expected that the patient would wear them for a few years. However, if you are an adult who never wore braces or whose teeth have shifted as you got older, you might not want to go the traditional route. Luckily, there are a few different options to straighten your teeth without having shiny, obvious metal in your mouth. [Read More]

4 Helpful Dental Care Weapons To Add To Your Oral Care Arsenal

When it comes to your oral hygiene, you can purchase a basic toothbrush, the first toothpaste and mouthwash you see, and regular dental floss. However, you should understand that not putting more thought into your purchases can make it harder for you to take care of your mouth properly and can affect the results you see. This article will give you some tips on choosing oral care products that can help you keep your teeth and gums in better shape, with less effort. [Read More]